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April 27, 2010
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Tea Party and Gandhi's Hammer by Asderathos Tea Party and Gandhi's Hammer by Asderathos
Glenn Beck has been ending his program with a quote from Gandhi

"Use truth as your anvil, nonviolence as your hammer and anything that does not stand the test when it is brought to the anvil of truth and hammered with nonviolence, reject it"

So actually being an artist, (in my own mind), I pictured Gandhi with a hammer marked (as in political cartoons) "Non-Violence" hammering to no avail (sparks flying) the Gadsden Flag on an anvil marked "TRUTH"

But I decided The flag should say "Tea Party" where it usually says "Don't tread on me". Should'a made it bold like the rest but this was just a political Cartoon Idea to sketch out :p

Glenn Beck on the Tea Parties - [link]

Joe Getty Speaking at a Tea Party - [link]

Lee Doren On the Bill of Rights at a Tea Party - [link]
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VivoMAn Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
as an indian i say fuck gandhi
Asderathos Featured By Owner May 6, 2011  Student General Artist
More like as an idiot; as that is the required description of one who can leave a comment saying nothing but eff this, eff that.

As a fan of censored music; I say, "Forget You".
isaacbaranoff Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Gandhi was far from perfect. He did some good things, but he was also kind of racist.
Asderathos Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Student General Artist
Considering the quote, the meaning of the drawing should be crystal clear, as the original [lying ignorant] slam on the tea party was that they were 'violent'. [Look out for grandma, she'll smack you with her lawn-chair]

But that segment of an episode of BS was FAR from convincing. The mentioned documents, but didn't even quote them. And one description of supposed 'racism' had description of nothing but what describes mere cultural superiority, a near universal aspect of culture itself.

My hating Indian food doesn't mean I hate Indians. My having no taste for their manners etc has nothing to do with considering them inherently inferior do to their race. A head hunter is inferior to me in culture, but that has nothing to do with race.

This is one of the least convincing BS eps I've seen, generally just filled with accusations; not that I know what the criteria is for Indian "Sainthood".
yourbuddyguido Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011   Writer
Indeed. The truth does not have an agenda.
Peace be with you.
serah53000 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This is really clever and well done. Love it! :)
Asderathos Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011  Student General Artist
spicemaster Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010
DoMiNouS-Qi Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2010   Writer
Gandhi Is Rolling In His Grave At This Rhetorical Nonsense You, Glenn Beck And The Self-Blinding, Feverish, Religious Insane Spew. That Tea Party Document Would Shatter Under The Hammer Of Non-Violence Against The Anvil Of Truth. Actually Read About Gandhi And MLK Jr. Instead Of Just Purporting Generalized Agreements On Basic Do-Good(f)iness, And You Will Soon Learn How Much The Ideas Of Enlightenment And Contentment Dissolve The Hollow Words Spoken By These Crazy People.
Asderathos Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010  Student General Artist
You have just claimed that the tea party is violent. Prove it. Oh but you can't because they aren't. The only violence has been against Tea Partiers. Perhaps you've believed the label of "Tea Partier" applied to communists. Perhaps you've believed the onslaught of outright lies about it saturating the media. Here's a slogan "Not Racist, Not Violent, Just No Longer Silent".

You have just called the words of "These Crazy people" hollow. What have they said? what is the tea party's message? Do you even know? I'll tell you. The message is smaller government. Literally only Statists disagree--as the economic plights extolled as reason for greater government intervention are demonstrably caused and worsened by the growth of government.

Milton Friedman's Free To Choose - [link]

As I understand it Gandhi was not a Fascist Statist, nor an advocate for the Nanny State; nor, an economist, regardless of his advocating agrarian socialism.
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